Frequently Asked Questions

How many coins can I upload using the Money Maker?

The Money Maker on CP Coins has a default configuration allowing you to upload 15,000 coins each day to your account on Club Penguin. However, the Admin of CP Coins occasionally makes adjustments to the Money Maker, particularly during times of high traffic to maintain stability and reliability of our Money Maker.

Can I get banned for using the Club Penguin Coins Money Maker?

Club Penguin does NOT condone the use of third party tools and will occasionally place a temporarily ban on accounts for “Attempted Game Manipulation.” In most cases, however, the CP Staff will simply remove the coins from your Club Penguin Account. Nonetheless, we have not had any reports of bans from the users who use our Money Maker.

Why must I enter my password to get coins on my Club Penguin Account?

Great Question! It’s the only way we can connect to your account on Club Penguin. Disney and Club Penguin do NOT condone the use of cheating, so clearly they aren’t going to give us any exclusive access or an API. However, CP Coins does NOT log passwords, and they are deleted from our server immediately after the coins are added to your account.

Will you add higher coin amounts to the CP Coins Money Maker?

I do not plan on adding higher coin amounts to the Money Maker. It would look suspicious adding a large number of coins to your account on Club Penguin, and I don’t want to see anyone getting banned for cheating. Really, the safest way to cheat coins on Club Penguin is to only add coins in small intervals to your account as needed.

8 thoughts on “Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Annonoymus

    Hello! I just found your website. Since I got back into Club Penguin again.. I was wondering, why the Igloo Likes were disabled? Will they ever be back? Because I’d really love to have more igloo likes!

    Thank you

  2. Jude

    Hi. I have recently started using your website to get coins and i only used it a little and somehow your website got me banned for LIFE. Im very disappointed and just wanted you to know that you got me banned. Your FAQ stated that nobody has been banned permanently before using your website. I thought that it was all willy nilly and fabulous but now i have lost my account that i have cherished most of my life. Please dont lie to your users because i dont want them in the same position as me.

    Bye Bye >:(

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