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Star Wars Takeover Party

Club Penguin Star Wars Takeover Trailer

Recently, Club Penguin released sneak peeks of the upcoming Star Wars Takeover Party. Today, they really spiced things up, publishing a cinematic trailer of what this means for Club Penguin.

It’s important to note that they used the term “cinematic”, which means that the visuals in the video are simply a representation of what to expect, and are not a part of the actual party. In addition, Club Penguin is not 3D, so don’t let the trailer fool you!

It’s currently unclear when this party will debut on the Island, but sources familiar with the matter have stated that the party will take place sometime in July. Since Monsters University is currently visible on the Island, I am willing to bet that the Star Wars Party will take place during the last week of July. What do you think of the upcoming party?

Dig for Eggs

Club Penguin Prehistoric Party 2013 Cheats

Attention Pengosaurs! The Prehistoric Party of 2013 has arrived to Club Penguin and will be available on the Island through January 29. I strongly encourage you to explore and gawk at the exquisite rooms on Club Penguin, as they will certainly make your virtual experience become a prehistoric reality. In the meantime, here are the cheats and secrets for the Prehistoric Party.

Dig for Eggs

Dig for Eggs: You will need to play the “Dig for Eggs” Game located around various parts of the Prehistoric Island to dig up twelve eggs on Club Penguin. After you have successfully collected all of the eggs (there are twelve), you will be rewarded the T-Rex Hoodie.

Time Trekker 3000: If you want to go back to the normal Club Penguin (without the Prehistoric Party), simply open up the Island Map and and click on “Go there” located near the “Return to year 2013.” Alternatively, you can achieve the same task by entering the Time Trekker 3000 (Snow Forts).

Prehistoric Emotes: You can use the exclusive Prehistoric Emotes between now and January 29 by clicking on the “Emotes Icon” on the Penguin Chat Bar.


Transform into a Dinosaur: Members! You have the ability to become a Dinosaur during the Prehistoric Party. Simply, click on the “Eggs Badge” located beside the “Moderator Badge” and then choose an egg to transform your account into a Dinosaur. Depending on the Dinosaur, you can Fly, Stomp, or Roar.

Throw Dino Food: If you are wearing some of the threads (clothing) from the Prehistoric Catalog, your account will throw Dino Food as opposed to Snowballs. There are Member and Non-Member Items available in the Prehistoric Catalog (located to the right of the Char Bar).

The Prehistoric Party, which is seemingly distant from any other party on Club Penguin, is a great start to the New Year! I am especially fascinated by the ability to transform into a Dino! What do you think about the new party? Please let me know via the comments.


Club Penguin Prehistoric Party Sneak Peek and Igloo Likes


Yesterday, Polo Field released a sneak peek of the Prehistoric Party on the Club Penguin Twitter. Unsurprising, the Prehistoric Party will be similar to the Holiday Party, as you will be able to become a dinosaur and also use temporary emotes during the Fly, Stomp, and Roar Event! I also read that Gary the Gadget Guy will be the one who takes us back to the age of dinosaurs, which makes sense, given his level of expertise in science and technology.

The Prehistoric Party will be available on the Island as early as January 17. I will also have the latest cheats and secrets for the said party right here on

Also, I recently launched a new tool for adding Igloo Likes, which is currently undergoing beta testing. Currently, I feel that the new program is ready for a production environment, meaning that the tool will not be removed from the site anytime soon. Furthermore, I plan on tweaking the number of Igloo Likes you can have in the CP Coins Queue to 100, though I am not sure when this change will take place.

What do you think of the upcoming Prehistoric Party? Do you like the new tool for adding Igloo Likes? Please let me know what you think via the comments.