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Frozen Fever Party – On Now!

The Frozen Fever Party is on now! Check out all the fanciful fun at Anna’s birthday celebration:


If you haven’t yet, make sure you unlock the exclusive Frozen-themed igloo — it’s available for everyone when you login to Club Penguin. It will only be available during the party.
The Frozen Fever Party is on from now until May 5 on your desktop computer and until May 20 on the Club Penguin app. Come back and let us know what you think of the party :D
Waddle on,
Card-Jitsu Snow

Club Penguin Coins Daily Limit Bug Fixed has faced numerous outages and hours of downtime throughout the month of May. In fact, our MySQL Database Server crashed this morning at around 11:00 AM EST, resulting in four more hours of downtime in May for the CP Coins Money Maker. I can’t make any promises, but given the uptime of our website over the past few months, I suspect that we will have minimal downtime in June.

I also discovered a bug that was affecting a large number of users who utilize the CP Coins Money Maker — though I haven’t had any reports about this problem! Traditionally, the CP Coins Money Maker permits you to add up to 14,500 coins to your Club Penguin account each day. However, since May 17, the daily limit has not been cleared, and those who have reached the daily limit since May 17 have been unable to upload coins to their account. I apologize for this error, and I rolled out a patch for this problem today.

In other news, Card-Jitsu Snow is now available on Club Penguin, and I also heard from a friend that Sensei is roaming the Island. What do you think of Card-Jitsu Snow?

Holiday Cookies Pin

Holiday Cookies Pin and Future Cheating Tools

Holiday Cookies Pin

On Thursday, Club Penguin released a new Holiday Cookies Pin at the Pool. I am sure you know the location of the Pool, but for those who do not, simply open up the Island Map and go to the Mine Shack (near the Recycling Center). Proceed into the Cave through the entrance of the Mine Shack and go to the Pool, located beyond the Cave. Click on the Holiday Cookies Pin.

I am considering the possibility of making CP Coins not only a Money Maker, but also a website with cheats, secrets, and additional cheating tools. If I do continue to post secrets on CP Coins, I will only publish cheats for parties, pins, and updates on Club Penguin. I will not update the website for plays or catalogs, as I do not really care about catalog secrets or plays.

I also mentioned the possibility of additional cheating tools, such as a Furniture Item Generator and a Clothing Item Generator. Currently, I am opposed to the development of such tools, as they carry a high risk of being permanently banned on Club Penguin. Furthermore, many of the Furniture and Clothing Items that were once available on the game are now patched.

I have had several requests for more tools, so I have not yet made a final decision. However, I would like your feedback on the future of CP Coins. Should I develop additional tools that could run the risk of banning your account on Club Penguin? Should I also continue to publish cheats and secrets on Please let me know in the comments.

Holiday Party

Holiday Party 2012 and Money Maker Updates

Holiday PartyThe Holiday Party for December 2012 arrived to the Island on Thursday, December 20 and will be available on Club Penguin until January 2. If you have not already contributed to the Coins for Change, I encourage you to do so, as Club Penguin will be donating $1,000,000 USD to Provide Medical Help, Protect the Earth, and Build Safe Places.

You can also visit the Coins for Change Bakery on Club Penguin, where you can purchase a cookie that transforms you into a Toy Car, Reindeer Puffle, or Frost Bite.

On Friday, I updated the CP Coins Money Maker, allowing you to select a checkbox to store the login credentials of your account using HTML5. Unfortunately, the “Remember Penguin” feature does NOT support older browsers that do not have native support for HTML5 Storage, such as Internet Explorer 6 and Internet Explorer 7.

Today, I made an additional update to the Money Maker, allowing you to upload 10,000 coins each day to your account on Club Penguin. However, I may make adjustments to the daily limit over the next few weeks, especially after the departure of the Holiday Party.

What do you think of the Holiday Party and the updates to the Money Maker? I am pleased with the turnout of this year’s Holiday Party and I really like some of the new rooms the team rolled out on Club Penguin. I am obviously biased toward my Money Maker, but I think we can all agree that no other website can compete with CP Coins!


New Freemium Service Coming Soon

I announced earlier today that I was working on a new freemium service for Club Penguin Coins, though at the time, I was not ready to discuss the new Money Maker. However, I am now ready to announce some of the (more appealing) features of the new Money Maker, so here is what you can expect for the new Club Penguin Coins:

  • Upload “Unlimited” Coins: I have had many users complaining about being able to upload only 4500 coins each day to their accounts on Club Penguin. I apologize for this limit, but that is the maximum amount of coins our current Money Maker can add to any given account each day. Nonetheless, our new Money Maker will allow you to upload an unlimited amount of coins, though our system will not add coins to accounts with more than 50,000 coins.
  • Remember (Save) Penguins: Personally, I do not like having to retype my username and password each time I want to get coins and I am sure you feel the same way. CP Coins v2 will allow you to save and add penguins to your very own CP Coins Account.
  • Automatic Coin Uploads: If you are not allowed on Club Penguin during the weekdays or you are busy with homework, then you may want to opt for “Automatic Coin Uploads”. It will automatically add an undecided amount of coins to your account each day, as long as you login to our website at least once a week.

I am very excited for the upcoming version of CP Coins! Unfortunately, I am unsure as to when CP Coins v2 will be available, though we are expecting the new service to be completed either before or after Christmas. In the meantime, let us know what you think of the new features!