Coins for Change

Coins for Change Coming Soon

Coins for Change

Coins for Change, an annual event endorsed by Disney during the Holiday Party, will be available on Club Penguin between Dec. 20 and Jan. 2. According to Polo Field, there will be three causes to choose from and Club Penguin will be donating $1,000,000 USD for this year’s Coins for Change:

  • Provide Medical Help
  • Protect the Earth
  • Build Safe Places

The Holiday Party will be available on Club Penguin as early as Thursday (Dec. 20) at 12:00 AM EST. If you are passionate about making the world safe and would like to lend a flipper, be sure to check out the Coins for Change event on the Island. You will even be able to donate to a specific cause using the coins you upload using the CP Coins Money Maker.

In the meantime, are you excited for the upcoming Holiday Party and Coins for Change? I missed out on last year’s event, so I’m excited for this year’s event!