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Star Wars Takeover Party

Club Penguin Star Wars Takeover Trailer

Recently, Club Penguin released sneak peeks of the upcoming Star Wars Takeover Party. Today, they really spiced things up, publishing a cinematic trailer of what this means for Club Penguin. It’s important to note that they used the term “cinematic”, which means that the visuals in the video are simply a representation of what to [...]

Card-Jitsu Snow

Club Penguin Coins Daily Limit Bug Fixed has faced numerous outages and hours of downtime throughout the month of May. In fact, our MySQL Database Server crashed this morning at around 11:00 AM EST, resulting in four more hours of downtime in May for the CP Coins Money Maker. I can’t make any promises, but given the uptime of our website [...]

Dig for Eggs

Club Penguin Prehistoric Party 2013 Cheats

Attention Pengosaurs! The Prehistoric Party of 2013 has arrived to Club Penguin and will be available on the Island through January 29. I strongly encourage you to explore and gawk at the exquisite rooms on Club Penguin, as they will certainly make your virtual experience become a prehistoric reality. In the meantime, here are the [...]